Current Dances Being Taught
Sun Daze
My Everything
Drive By
Piano Man
Most Of All
Dances AT Winter Haven
Start To Sway
Dream Lover
Such A Fool
Love Letters Waltz
Review New and Old  Dances
S.T. One
Water Under The Bridge
All Shook UP
Baby Grace
Past Favorites
Shattered Dreams
Fly High
Big Blue Tree
Coming Unplugged
Stand By You
Every Breath You Take
Love Me or Leave Me
People Like Us
Friday Morning Class with Roberta Jeleck
American Cowboy
Head In The Sky
Bittersweet Memory
Tough Love
Dream Lover
Don`t Play That Song
           Thursday  Morning
     New Time    9am-Noon
Sliver Starlight
Counting Stars
One Great Mystery
Caught In The Moonlight
Wonder Train
Angel In Blue Jeans
Say Geronimo
New This Season.. Our Favorite Dances First Hour
Scrap It
American Kids
Sat Night Dance  October 15
             7 pm-10 pm
Ex`s and Oh`s
We Only Live Once
Turn My World Around
Strip It Down
Dancin With Wolves